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Carolyn Hassan

Carolyn Hassan

I'm Director of Knowle West Media Centre and came to work in Knowle West almost 20 years ago as a photographer working with local residents. This is my attempt to share some of the things I am lucky enough to do, often as part of my work.


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30 June 2015

KWMC Strawberries

Harvesting our produce for lunch Michaela with a handful of great tasting strawbs
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25 July 2014

I'm Staying last few days to vote

This is the artwork at the Arnolfini that would look great in Knowle West but it needs you (your friends and everyone you know!) to vote for it. Go to

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4 June 2014

Minister for Culture the Rt. Hon Sajid Javid says he wants more people to enjoy the arts.

And so do we at KWMC. Today I was invited to a round table discussion with the new(ish) Minister for Culture, Media and Sports. He said he wanted many more people to benefit from and enjoy the arts. I said that I believed that it was important for the arts to be relevant too, and be enjoyed in communities where people live, go to school, and socialise - not just in the City Centre or more affluent places in the country. The Minister said he wanted all young people to have access to playing an instrument, enjoy a play or make art . It was a really interesting discussion attended by representatives from the Roundhouse, Southbank Centre, Donmar Theatre, Liverpool Biennial, and the Emma Stenning from Bristol Old Vic. Together Emma and I made a plea for more support for arts orgs. working to include communities and remove barriers to ensure as many people as possible really value and participate in the arts. In particular I'm interested in how we ensure more young people from South Bristol and under represented groups are supported to gain good jobs in the growing cultural and creative industries.The Minister is coming to Bristol on Friday to make a speech about what he's gogin to do, so lets hope he confirms his commitment to the regions (and Bristol and the SWest in particular!) and a more inclusive cultural sector.

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28 May 2014

Just need the Bees

Steve almost finished the hive and looks good in a space suit
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3 May 2014

Jack Monroe with local food producer Jade Spicer

At Any Questions event on Friday night, food writer and brilliant blogger Jack Monroe and Mary Creagh MP praised Jade Spicer for her brilliant Eccles cakes and scotch eggs. Brilliant new local business - support Jade's enterprise.
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25 April 2014