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Carolyn Hassan

Carolyn Hassan

I'm Director of Knowle West Media Centre and came to work in Knowle West almost 20 years ago as a photographer working with local residents. This is my attempt to share some of the things I am lucky enough to do, often as part of my work.


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3 June 2015

Unusual location for a meeting

Currently attending 2 day IESCities Eu review meeting at the Aquarium
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7 May 2014

IES Cities Review meeting Day 2

Second day with IES Cities project partners discussing city apps. Other cities we are working with are Majadhonda, Rovereto and Zaragoza. Bristol's apps are MyBristol and Democratree. More info about how you get involved using the apps soon!
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6 May 2014

Bilbao and IESCities meeting

At first review meeting for IESCities - that includes MyKWest MyBristol and Democratree Hope it goes well. This is view from my room Hope I get to see it and Yoko Ono's exhibition
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